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Thinking about...Anger and Assholes [Nov. 23rd, 2004|05:33 pm]
So I've been thinking, because that is what I do. I think about what to think about, and I've often wondered that whilst almost all people have "angry" moments, others are full-blown, full-time, hard-core anger-balls. I think about this constantly. I really do!

There are plenty of times when many of us need to vent some anger; haven't we all had moments when we've had urges to throttle the person next to us? This type of isolated anger is part of our human nature. For most of us, most of the time; the feeling will pass over and through us, without our acting upon it. This is how it should be. The times when we do act out only prove us to be human beings.

But there is another type of person... the Anger-Balls (This is a term that I first encountered in a movie, it has just stuck with me.) The Anger-Balls are the ass-holes of the world. These types want everything EXACTLY the way that they want it, and they want it all right NOW. And NOTHING is ever good enough. I really wonder what happened to these people in this (or a past) life to cause them to reach such a level of "ass-holiness."

Don't get me wrong... sometimes you can actually be friends with an ass-hole. If the ass-hole has enough redeeming qualities and features to compensate for their "ass-hole-itude" and you're able to look past their 'tude to see those features and qualities, good for you! You are evidently one of those people described by the adjective 'big,' as in "That's BIG of you." Be glad that you're that way.

One of my favourite ass-holes is Kevin Kline's portrayal of Otto in the motion picture, "A Fish Called Wanda." I can't help but smile every time he bellows "ASS-HOLE!" Otto is a completely different class of ass-hole. He's the guy that just KNOWS everybody is an ass-hole, whilst everyone concludes (correctly!) that it is Otto that is truly the ass-hole. I believe that I could be friends with an 'Otto-type," but I would work hard to keep him from killing me!

So be mindful when you are overtaken by that case of ass-holiness; in this era of perceived reality, you may be mistaken for a full-time ass-hole. And if you happen to be a true-blue Anger-Ball,why not take a moment to reflect on the cause of your ire. Is its cause internal, or external? If it IS internally motivated... take a page from my handbook, and THINK about it.

[User Picture]From: itallcrashedin
2004-11-26 05:01 am (UTC)
I've noticed people who may not be the furious-screaming-obsenities type but who still are a mass of anger. They just sit there and gripe and be unhappy with the life circumstances they were born into or created for themselves. Nothing is ever good enough or truely satisfying or perfect, and they can never be happy because they are just sour all the time.

And then I remembered that when one human notices something about another human it's frequently a familiar recognition... But I do work on staying on the positive, myself.

Take a page from your handbook???? eh?
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From: charlesleighton
2004-11-27 12:40 am (UTC)


Hey Em... this is the first in an entire string of editorial articals I've written about all sorts of things. More to come, watch this space.

Ps. Sometimes what YOU might label as an obsenity is the only goddamn thing that works. I use all sorts of words in my daily vocabulary... and contrary to popular, an occaisional NON-deleted expletive is the sign of a vast, rather than lazy, vocabulary.
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[User Picture]From: fortytwo
2004-12-02 11:59 pm (UTC)

Re: fyi

(recognizing of course that this is just my opinion), your Ps is a proverbial load of manure. And even IF it's true in your case, you can't convince me it holds true for others who use an occasional non-deleted expletive. How many obscenities are there? How many "cleaner" alternatives exist for each one? Do you know them all? I hate to sound cliche, but why not dare to be different? Buck what mother culture tells you is cool decide for yourself. Case in point: smoking. We've been brought up by the entertainment industry to think it's cool to smoke, but the tiniest amount of knowledge and logic (and in some cases personal experience) tell us it's actually unwise. Where has the tendency toward obscene language come from? Who makes it appear smart and cool? The very same industry.

So tell me more about this handbook.

Suggested reading:
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
A thesaurus
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From: charlesleighton
2004-12-03 04:49 pm (UTC)

Re: fyi

You know... you are correct in much of what you've said. And I was referring to myself in my Ps.remarks (I'll try to be more clear on POV and person-tense in future ramblings.)
However... many of the so-called "cleaner" words and phrases can often sound forced, as if one is self-editting for content.
As to your comments about smoking and obscene language, both topics will be covered in future writings. Watch this space!!
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